reconstructive plastic surgery

Please do not frown upon those who are going in for plastic surgery. Although it has to be said that there will always be those who go against best medical advice and best medical practices. Plastic surgery, in essence, is no vanity project, reconstructive plastic surgery certainly is not. Numerous examples could easily be given. So, where to begin then. A child is born with a deformed ear. She could be born with what is known as the hair lip.

The procedure is not only there to remove what could have been defined as grotesque features but perhaps more importantly to restore a form of normative functioning. The child’s ability to hear could be improved. The child’s ability to eat, chew and speak is improved. And so too the child’s ability to smile. Bigger boobs have that tendency to make testosterone-enhanced men smile a mile wide. But perhaps it is the ladies who are smiling more.

No, they are not willing the men in to strip them naked with their eyes. Such ladies are having a sense of dignity and self-confidence restored. Reconstructive plastic surgery of course also become necessary after breast cancer. What could be more empowering than that? After losing both breasts due to cancer, why not restore a sense of normality. Surely that is humane? Surely allowing transgender women to have bigger breasts through the use of plastic surgery is a humane act as well?

Jaws are being reconstructed after major accidents. Appendages are being restored after grievous attacks. Beauty, inner beauty, is being given to those who had no sense of worth previously. No, plastic surgery is no dastardly act. Plastic surgery is not entirely vanity project, not in the sense you would have thought previously perhaps.