COVID-19 is still going strong in 2021. For most people, they have started to get back to their normal lives and have done their best to put this entire situation behind them. However, it is still important that we still follow the CDC guidelines and go for regular COVID-19 testing. If we can do this, eventually it will work itself out and we all can get back to normal.

Here are a few tips and tricks that you can use to give yourself a little more protection when it comes to COVID-19 and other diseases.

COVID-19 testing

·    Wash your hands before you eat or touch any food. When we eat, there are millions of microorganisms that enter our body and can harm us.   Make sure to wash your hands thoroughly with soap before eating so you can kill the germs before they enter your system.

·    Eat foods that boost your immune system foods or supplements if you can, as a last resort. There are some foods that have been shown to help prevent the spread of viruses in your body such as garlic and other herbs. While eating these foods will not eliminate your chances for getting COVID-19 or any other disease entirely; it may help cut down on the effects.

·    Try to avoid contact with sick people. As tempting as it might be, don’t hug or kiss the person that just sneezed in front of you! There is always a chance that they have the virus and could spread it to you. Also if any of your loved ones are sick, try not to be around them for an extended period of time. This includes going into their rooms and taking care of them while they are sick.

It is vital that we all do our part if we are going to get through this and be better for the experience on the other side.